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Leadership happens when we take responsibility for change.


I believe the only constant is change. I'm a leadership geek, investing my time working on projects with people and organizations committed to creating space for leadership so that more people have the tools to make a difference.


This website brings together the work I do, the projects I work on and the topics I’m thinking about. 

My work is focused on:

Working with individuals and organizations to navigate change 

Coaching emerging leaders

I focus on projects that help people and organizations create space for leadership so that more people have the tools to create positive change.

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Let me help you problem-solve your key organizational challenges. Together we can find solutions to strategic challenges and create more leadership throughout your organization.

Ben has supported us to develop practical approaches to deliver our strategic intent. A great listener who has brought clarity and insights to my thinking, Ben has admirably tried to balance the pragmatic nuts and bolts of running a small but influential NGO while also keeping an eye on purpose... he’s absolutely a partner in making progress happen. He hasn’t just stopped at setting out options but has always been ready to roll up his sleeves to help translate intent into action.

- Pia MacRae, CEO of Consortium for Street Children

Examples of work I'm involved in.

Collaborating with the executive team of a prominent football group and Elite Performance Partners to implement a practical organizational change that introduced new structures and ways of working across Africa, Europe, and the US. 

Acting as a strategic advisor and thinking partner for the CEO of the Consortium for Street Children to help develop their strategic plans and navigate funding challenges.

Advising an elite performance company on its business strategy and building its organizational culture

Coaching emerging leaders on professional and personal growth, including strategy, prioritization, and planning. 

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I believe that exceptional outcomes come from many acts of ordinary leadership, not from an act of 'visionary' leadership.

Having spent the last 15 years fascinated by the interplay between leadership and change – from elite sports to small charities – I've met and worked with many inspirational leaders. They have unlocked organizational potential and enabled individuals to thrive, yet they are unrecognized, and we never talk about them; this is where the Ordinary Leadership Project comes in. Our goal is to make leadership accessible to build more teams, organizations, and companies capable of tackling tough, intractable problems.

Get in touch

Let's connect

Are you trying to implement change? Maybe you want to create more space for leadership in our organization. Or, perhaps something on my site just resonated with you. 

It would be great to connect with you. There might be a way for us to collaborate or share ideas that help unstick your thinking.

No matter what the reason, let's find time to speak. 

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