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Leadership & Change

I work with and through like-minded organisations and projects to explore ideas around leadership and change.

Ordinary Leadership

Ordinary Leadership is a leadership and change consultancy dedicated to helping organisations thrive by unlocking the potential of their ordinary leaders. Ordinary Leadership collaborates with the public, third, and business sectors to develop and implement organisational strategy and leadership change processes.

Elite Performance Partners

Elite Performance Partners is a high-performance sports leadership firm. EPP assists sports organisations in identifying, developing, and nurturing specialist talent that is critical to their success. I work with EPP to investigate how leadership develops in sport and how we can challenge commonly held beliefs about leadership and talent development.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror helps people in teams build a better shared current reality. Mirror Mirror Team Reality Reports identify and measure where people are - and are not - on the same page across a range of cognitive and behavioural indicators.  Coaches and facilitators use this data to support change and effectiveness.

Leadership & Change
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I am a solution-focused coach who acts as a thinking partner with you. I work with emerging leaders to identify untapped potential and improve your work and the performance of your team and organisation. My approach gives you the space and time to focus on your current challenges.

I approach every engagement with an open mind and believe in adapting and adjusting to the challenges that people confront. I rarely use a single model and aim to ask simple, quick questions that inspire you to reconsider where you are now and where you want to go.

All of my collaborations begin with an introductory session to determine if we are a good fit and to agree on how we will collaborate (session length, frequency, and objectives). By the end of our work, you will have greater individual and strategic insight into how to lead yourself, your team and within your organisation.

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Public and third sector change

The public and third sector landscape is changing. How organisations adapt to these changes will determine their future. With over fifteen years of experience in leadership and project delivery in the UK and across the globe, I can help you design and implement methods to adapt your strategic thinking to these changes, resulting in your teams thinking about your work and this sector in new ways.


With a proven track record of designing projects and implementation strategies that win funding, I can help you design project interventions in a way that serves communities and builds trust.

Government reform

Having worked inside and alongside governments, I can guide public sector reform activities, and organisational assessments, and advise on how your projects interact with the government.

Team development

Great teams determine a project’s success or failure. Drawing on my project leadership experience, I know how to bring people together and foster their skills and experience for project success.

Public sector
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