I collaborate with organizations that require dedication in solving unique challenges. My approach to change management and project delivery follows the 5-step process below, ensuring that your outcomes are achieved, your targets met, and I provide value to your organization.


I spend time exploring the terrain with each client so before we work together we’re both clear on where we want to get to, the difficulties we may encounter along the way and how to best handle them.

Image by Ahmed Zayan
Trip Planning


Next, we’ll map a plan to serve as the terms of reference. This includes confirming the key stakeholders and agreeing on how the plan will be carried out – in-house or externally facilitated.  


This is where we get to put our collaborative plan into action and where you get to see key challenges addressed, teams empowered and change unfold. This is always an exciting time no matter the project or programme.

Helping Hand
Discussion With Two People


Flexibility to change tack or approach is vital for any change programme’s success. Part of the implementation plan will always include reflection, or check-ins, to ensure that our work together is on track and agree on modifications if necessary.


As we achieve the deliverables, we want to make space to mutually reflect on the change process and make space for formal feedback.

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