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I am fascinated by leadership and change. What enables individuals and organizations to excel? From elite sports to small charities, I've been considering these questions for a long time. I've met and worked with many inspirational leaders throughout my career. They are unlocking organizational potential and enabling individuals to thrive, yet they are unrecognized, and we never talk about them.

Today, I spend my time focusing on extraordinary leaders, and the quiet but powerful lessons ordinary leaders could teach us. To understand how teams, organizations, and businesses can thrive in the future, we need to understand ordinary leaders and how they drive change. I believe that exceptional outcomes come from many acts of ordinary leadership, more often than from one act of 'visionary' leadership.

Professionally, I have spent the last 15 years working with businesses, non-profits, and individuals to create organizations that will allow people to reach their full potential and solve difficult problems together. I see my role as finding the "what" and establishing the "how" of organizational success.

My work has taken me from South Sudan to Papua New Guinea, from corporate management to public service reform. This diverse, eclectic outlook on organizational transformation, team design, and leadership effectiveness is the basis for my work and my photography. We need to go beyond frameworks to draw on a broad range of sources for ideas to bring relevance to an individual organization's path.

Working with me is about forming a solid collaboration with your change team or change leaders to determine the best method to unleash your organization's potential and help your leaders thrive.

I believe that exceptional outcomes come from many acts of ordinary leadership, not from an act of 'visionary' leadership.

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